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bold burst of flavour

Unpeel that bold burst of flavour

Can staying healthy be fun?

Sure it can!

What better way than peeling a Sweet C mandarin and experiencing that bold burst of flavour with every bite.

What you get

  • healthy lunchbox treat
  • snack time with a complimentary Vitamin C boost
  • juicy thirst-quencher
  • get-up-and-go energy booster
  • super tasty in-betweener to stave off the hunger pains

What you won’t get

  • bothersome pips
  • messy peeling frustrations

More ways to enjoy Sweet C

Sunny Smoothie
Sunny Smoothie
Sunny Smoothie
Sunny Smoothie

Tips & tricks

A Sweet C mandarin is a super substitute for unhealthy sugary treats and should keep your sugar cravings in check.

You can dry the peels and use them when baking rusks.

Display them in a bowl on your table or kitchen table as a trendy décor statement. They are SO beautiful!

They are just as good used in salads, desserts or a variety of warm spicy dishes.

You can freeze the juice in ice moulds for a refreshing summer treat.

Did you know

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